Portishead Cycling Club has taken on an immense cycling challenge while raising more than £3,500 for charity in lockdown.

The fundraiser saw 120 club members ride a combined one million metres on a vertical ascent in height in 28 days in February 2021.

Six professional or ex-professional race riders, some adding figures from riding and racing in Australia and the UAE, plus Portishead Cycling Club member Alan Colville, who is the current Guinness World Record holder for the most height climbed on a bike within a 48-hour period, also took part in the Million Metre Challenge.

All challengers recorded their road riding and/or virtual trainer rides on Strava and at the end of the month-long challenge on 28 February 2021, participants had climbed a collective total of more than 1.32m metres – the equivalent of 825 miles of vertical ascent.

Nine club riders successfully completed ‘Everesting’ – where in one single ride, each cyclist completed the equivalent of climbing Mount Everest.

A combination of rider donations for the challenge, along with a club charity raffle held on 28 February 2021 – which included prizes from local cycling shops and suppliers and various team kit donated by pro-riders – raised around £3,600 for charity.

PCC chairman Rob Ellis said: “This money will be going to the Portishead Young Carers charity, to support the magnificent work they do with so many young children that are affected by having some form of caring duties at home, which can greatly affect their childhood and ability to do what most other kids do.

“Anyone that has ever ridden a bike up a hill will know how much effort is required compared to cycling on the flat, so this is quite some achievement.

“I feel truly honoured to be part of such a great group of cycling friends. Our club riders have again shown dedication and drive, comradeship and team spirit and an overall desire to beat the challenge target and raise funds for a great cause.”

During the November lockdown, the club also completed another challenge, where riders cycled the equivalent distance – combined road riding and virtual trainer riding – as going around the world.

Members rode a total of 29,900 miles raising £1,100 for charity Gympanzees, which provides pop-up play and movement therapies to disabled and isolated children who are unable to use access or use standard play equipment.