It is your responsibility to be self-sufficient, so ensure you are equipped with basic items such as a spare inner tube, multi-tool, tyre levers and a form of inflation (hand pump or CO₂ inflators/cartridges).

In winter months, it’s also advisable to fit mudguards to your bike to protect you, your bike and riders behind you.

Respect and communication with all other road users (fellow cyclists, motorists, pedestrians, horse riders, runners) is strongly advised.

When riding in a group, whether as part of club ride or sportive, you are expected to ride in accordance with the Highway Code.  We do not jump red lights or ride on the pavement!

Portishead Cycling Club promotes British Cycling’s Ridesmart initiative, which includes the following guidance:

  • Ride two abreast in groups
  • Ride single file on narrow country lanes or busy roads
  • Indicate hazards to riders and other road users
  • Slow down nearing and pass horses with caution
  • Climb at your own speed, and regroup at the top
  • Equip your bike with lights for night rides, mudguards for riding in wet conditions