You may have seen that British Cycling have announced proposals for the lifting of certain riding restrictions put in place to combat the spread of COVID-19.

These proposals are still subject to change, but in summary the initial changes mean that from 29 March 2021 group rides will be permissible as either:

  • Organised club rides for up to a maximum of 15 riders
  • Non-club rides for up to a maximum of six riders (rule of six).

In line with this, PCC will reintroduce club rides from 29 March 2021 onwards for riders that are happy to do so. These will initially be based on groups of no more than six rider, which proved successful last autumn.

This should provide a more sensible and controlled option for restarting club rides and may also allow better flexibility for any group to ride to more specific requirements, eg for like-minded riders or those who might want to cut a route short.

This will also mean groups can agree staggered start times and choose whether or not to take a stop during the ride. All of this will help to keep groups separate on any single ride.

As per last year’s “rule-of-six rides”, we will still be able to accommodate larger attendances to any single club ride PROVIDING ride groups of up to 6 are formed quickly at the ride start.

Each group should then stay together and completely distanced from any other group at the meeting point, during the ride (including any stops), and at the end of the ride.

By adhering to the guidance issued by both British Cycling and the UK Government, you will help portray PCC in the best possible light. Anyone who ignores this advice risks bringing the club into disrepute.

So please look out for club ride details being posted on our Club Strava page soon.

Be good to see you out again.