With less than 2 weeks to go until club riding restrictions are eased, here is a snapshot of recent PCC developments and proposals:

RIDE SCHEDULE – Ride leaders are currently putting together a number of mixed level and style group rides and these are being added to a new RIDE CALENDAR that is live and working now: https://docs.google.com/…/1jKhzh-9l52JI4nM2sMb…/edit This schedule will auto-update as rides are added and can be found on our website. Or you can bookmark the page for easier referral. Some rides are listed for date purposes only, but as individual rides and events are finalised the schedule will update and will link to the full ride details on our Club Strava page for you to see routes and to sign on.

RIDES BEING PLANNED – These include ROAD RIDES for all levels, CHAINGANG rides, MTB rides. GRAVEL rides, LADIES only rides and BEGINNERS rides, plus third party organised SPORTIVE rides and events for members information.

GROUP RIDES – For the short term these will be undertaken in pockets of no more than 6 riders per pocket. Multiple pockets of riders are allowed on any ride providing the riders in each pocket always remain together and stay totally separated from any other pockets, including at the ride start, any stops along the way and at the ride end. A face covering will be required for any stops/take away coffee breaks etc.

CLUB CHAINGANG – After a 12-month break, we are going to re-introduce a weekly Chaingang ride. In the past this has been a very popular part of the club ride program and is a great way to develop riding skills and build on fitness. In essence this is close together riding in small groups in a single line with the smooth rotation of riders within your group so that everyone shares some time on the front and then benefits from the draft when riding at the back. Riding this way is very efficient and surprisingly fast. It is proposed these rides will be held on a Tuesday evening (lights required for safety on the return) and the circuit ridden is a 5-mile level lap around Yatton Moor that has only left turns (so no turning across traffic) You can ride 1, 2 or 3 laps and groups will be split by experience and with full guidance for new chaingang riders. The first chaingang evening is proposed for Tuesday 30th March,

CLUB WEBSITE – A completely new and fantastic looking Club Website is close to completion and will be launched soon, so please look out for this when it goes live. In the meantime, our existing site has been a little affected by the new development and lost some image content – although the most important detail of the new RIDE CALENDAR is live and working fine, so check it out.

CLUB and BC MEMBERSHIP – With the pending re-start of group rides can we please ask all our riders to check that your Club and BC memberships are fully up to date. Importantly this is to protect you and your fellow club riders with 3rd party insurance cover in case of any unfortunate mishap.

WHATSAPP GROUPS – Please do not forget that the club has a number of different WhatsApp groups for member only use. These include 4 separate groups to cover Road, Gravel, MTB and Virtual (Zwift) rides, plus a general Social group for banter, pics and non ride related chat and a Buy and Sell group for members to move on unwanted cycling items. Some of the groups can have a considerable amount of message traffic, but there are also vital details posted about upcoming rides, events or social matters, so please get in contact if you are not on any of these groups, but wish to be.

That’s it – so, look up some of the rides being entered into the new calendar and see you on one of them soon.